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Entry point to the Matrix


My commitment

To anchoring the Divine Feminine vibration onto the planet. 

To hold the light of the Goddess by singing Ancient Healing Songs and Sounds.

To connect you to the Cosmic Mother, the Goddess, the Mother of all things, the Mothering Principle.

Increase your Light, Embody your Soul

Ascension Star Codes of Light Series A.

Next Program starting Sunday 3rd January 2016.

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The "Song of the Ocean" is a looped soundscape of solo voice, channelled through Amaliah Grace. 

It takes you into a profound and deep healing space allowing you to be open to receiving the next level of love and change.  It assisting deep cellular healing supported by the Divine Mother and the Grandmothers. 

This CD can be used for meditation or a healing session and with the "Heart of the Mother" Sacred Essence.  Perfect sounds to take you into a meditative state.

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The "Song of the Ocean" is supported by the "Heart of the Mother" Essence.

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This is my mission:

  • To give you keys to unlock your truth
  • To help you find who you truely are
  • To assist you to connect with your inner guidance
  • To support you in following your intuition
  • To follow your truth, even when it means stepping out of the comfort zone of normal human perception
  • To assist you to trust your spiritual talents and follow your Life Path Mission

I am commited to anchoring the Divine Feminine vibration onto the planet.  Through holding the light of the Goddess and singing Ancient Healing Songs and Sounds.  I have embraced my connection to the Cosmic Mother, the Goddess, the Mother of all things, the Mothering Principle. 

I endeavor to assit humanity with my songs and to heal  the distortions to woman through the ages.

To bring forward awareness of the fullness and truth of the Goddess, the Mother vibration.  She represents nurturing, unconditional love, growth, compassion, intuition and connection to Soul and Source.

I am dedicated to pass this profound and exquisite vibration to others, through original sound; the language of Soul, the language of Light.

In honoring the Feminine Principle, we bring gentleness and harmony to our lives, available for all men and women, through understanding the nurturing and nourishing essence of Gaia, our planet.  I accept into my life that ONLY LOVE IS REAL.

Please enjoy my website

As you do may the Grace of the Divine Mother embrace you.

Amaliah Grace

Soul and Sound Healer

Language of Light Channel

For the past 15 years I have been trained by Spirit through guidance and personal experience.

As a sound Channel of Ancient Healing Songs first seeded onto the planet by the Star Beings,  I channel the Language of Light, the Language of the Soul and a Goddess vibration from Sirius.  I am available for speaking engagements and sing and sound the language of the Cosmos.

The vibration of Sound created through the language of Light, soundings and Ancient Healing songs, has the ability to create profound healing.  Soul Language speaks to your soul of your beginnings creating Deep Peace, Inner Peace.

 I am committed to finding Inner Peace and assisting others with their personal growth through inner awareness and transformation. 

Finding my Inner Peace was a passion which pushed me forward on my spiritual journey after a crisis in 1989.  Those who guide and channel through me have brought forward a course "Clearing the Soul Line" which works from the Soul to assist humanity to clear the tar-like substance enmeshed through the physical body. This residue and distortion was created by multiple lifetimes and parallel realities of fear, abuse and trauma and other human experiences.

With the love that I channel from the Divine Mother, I have products that will help make this a better place for the world.

Coming  more towards joy and peace.  

May love flow, Amaliah Grace



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