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Soul and Sound Healing Channel



I am Amaliah Grace, a Soul and Sound healing channel, speaking in Light Language, the language of the Soul.

I sing and sound ancient healing songs first seeded on the planet by the Star Beings to ignite our rembering. These songs speak to the heart and soul of "home" creating a deep knowing of one's star origins.

They have the ability when you listen to these songs and soundstreams to take you into profound states for healing, change and transformation. 

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I have been trained by Spirit through guidance and personal experiences over the past twenty years and have created a body of work that's main thrust is to enable full connection with the Soul.

My sounds and songs are an expression of the Divine Feminine, the mothering principal through a Goddess vibration from the Star System Sirius.


Do you have a passion to connect fully to your Soul and answer its call?  Do you feel a tug from your soul to achieve something great in the world but can’t pin it down?  And have you recently awakened to a new you and have a passion to share with the world but there is no Road map to follow?

Fifteen years ago I had this problem. I was being prepared for something but had no idea what that something would be. I constantly asked my spirit helpers to show me the way, give me something tangible, a roadmap: but no, this wasn’t the way spirit wanted to work. 

Intuitive readers suggested I would be a medium of some kind, so I began to study what that meant and was disciplined in my spiritual development to meditate and shift from a reliance on my rational left brain. To become more trusting of my intuition to receive spirit guidance and honour my gut knowing. I spent hours working to connect upwards to receive channelled information while I typed blindfolded.

I surrendered and allowed my inner child expression by drawing with the non dominant hand and many other ways to unravel the onion skin of my disconnection from myself and my soul. 

These exercises prepared me along the way to become a channel for the Soul in Soul Signatures, Soul Glyph’s and Soul Healing, reconnecting the client with lives of power and rememberance.


Yes you can achieve the clarity you desire. If I can do it, so can you and I have the tools to guide you there. Imagine that you wake up each morning from your dream state with clear messages and guide posts of what next to do for that day. You sit still in contemplation and the ideas stream in, taking you a step closer to your soul’s mission. Aligned with Divine timing, there is magic in the air.

And yes, you will need persistence, discipline and courage to take these next steps but it is worth it. For a breakthrough say yes aloud and see how good it feels.  Don’t let your fear limit your potential. If you do nothing now, your life will stay the same. Decide to spend a concerted amount of time and effort on your spiritual practice and your new venture with reveal itself.


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        This is my mission:

  • To give you keys to unlock your truth
  • To help you find who you truely are
  • To assist you to connect with your inner guidance
  • To support you in following your intuition
  • To follow your truth, even when it means stepping out of the comfort zone of normal human perception
  • To assist you to trust your spiritual talents and follow your Life Path Mission

Increase your Light, Embody your Soul

Ascension Star Codes of Light Series A.

Next Program starting Sunday 19th June, 2016.

It is with much excitement and delight that I am able to offer this profound new work, supporting humanity's Ascension. It is a contract I am fullfilling for the Galactic Federation, the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light and Thoth.

This program creates an environment whereby the student through meditation with sound and art codes of light both containing the light language sounds and symbols,  is enabled to evolve at the pace aligned with their soul.

The next program begins on Sunday 19th June 2016. The first code will be released on that day and subsequent codes released four weeks apart. To be a part of the next group to engage with this program payment closes on friday Saturday 18th June 2016.

To be part of this development forward in your life, click the link below

Ascension Star Codes of Light Series A.




Janet - England  

"I am really enjoying the codes, I feel that they are reaching far down into my soul and bringing out a greater sense of being from within. As I meditate I feel that I should respond to your toning and also respond to you in Light Language which tells me that this is a connection from another time and another place.  It was very empowering.

The first code brought up a feeling of loneliness and I felt myself longing to be back 'home' which I felt was on another planet in another dimension.  It also brought out of me a lot of fear, which I put down to having this feeling of being 'homesick' and away from my planetary space.

In the meditations it has brought about a certain degree of healing for this strange feeling of loneliness, it has helped me in a very nurturing way to come to terms with the reasons why I keep on feeling this way. Since working through the codes I have certainly felt more empowered.

The artwork is a delight and it has taken me through to many galaxies through the wormholes of time giving me a greater understanding of where I am now.  Thank you Amaliah, I am really honoured to be a part of all this that is happening in the now."

Maggie personal codes 2

Accelerator Art


Channeled by Amaliah Grace







The "Song of the Ocean" is a looped soundscape of solo voice, channelled through Amaliah Grace. 

It takes you into a profound and deep healing space allowing you to be open to receiving the next level of love and change.  It assisting deep cellular healing supported by the Divine Mother and the Grandmothers. 

This CD can be used for meditation or a healing session and with the "Heart of the Mother" Sacred Essence.  Perfect sounds to take you into a meditative state.

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The "Song of the Ocean" is supported by the "Heart of the Mother" Essence.

For more information on the Song of the Ocean CLICK HERE

I am commited to anchoring the Divine Feminine vibration onto the planet.  Through holding the light of the Goddess and singing Ancient Healing Songs and Sounds.  I have embraced my connection to the Cosmic Mother, the Goddess, the Mother of all things, the Mothering Principle. 

I endeavor to assit humanity with my songs and to heal  the distortions to woman through the ages.

To bring forward awareness of the fullness and truth of the Goddess, the Mother vibration.  She represents nurturing, unconditional love, growth, compassion, intuition and connection to Soul and Source.

I am dedicated to pass this profound and exquisite vibration to others, through original sound; the language of Soul, the language of Light.

In honoring the Feminine Principle, we bring gentleness and harmony to our lives, available for all men and women, through understanding the nurturing and nourishing essence of Gaia, our planet.  I accept into my life that ONLY LOVE IS REAL.

Please enjoy my website

As you do may the Grace of the Divine Mother embrace you.



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